Next4IT was founded to be the market leader delivering Technology-as-a-Service to small and medium businesses (SMB’s). Our purpose is to make technology work for business by radically improving the economics and delivery mechanism of technology for the SMB

Our fixed-fee portfolio of services includes network security, monitoring and management; end-user help desk; on-site engineer services; internet; email; remote data back-up and restore; business continuity and disaster recovery; infrastructure supply and support; financial and consulting services.

We promise to

Align your IT resources with your business needs

Deliver guaranteed and proven network support services

Respond to your IT needs quickly and professionally

Respond to your IT needs quickly and professionally

Provide an IT team of highly trained, seasoned network experts

Give accurate, up-front estimates before work is performed

Give you the information you need to make good IT decisions for your business

Recommend new technology and techniques for maximizing your IT resources

Why us

An IT partner with the power to transform your business.

Determining your company’s technology needs, and then sourcing and managing the solutions to achieve your goals, can be a challenge – and an unwelcome distraction from your real job of running and growing your business.

That’s where Next4IT comes in. Our aim is to relieve you of the stresses and strains of technology procurement, management and maintenance. You can count on the technical expertise, industry experience and business acumen of the team at Next4IT to ensure that your organization is fully equipped with the tools you need to grow and succeed at every level.

Our specialists take a vendor agnostic approach to aggressively identifying the systems and solutions that are best suited to your business – and which will drive value and deliver return on investment for you, and you alone.

Our signature Managed Services offering eliminates the age-old hassle of waiting for reactive support from the “computer guy” – and then having to pay for the privilege, each and every time your system goes down.

Next4IT works differently: we proactively monitor and maintain your network, identifying potential issues and fixing them before they result in disruption to your or your team.

Rest assured that when you choose to work with Next4IT, you are dealing with a firm that considers client satisfaction as its absolute number one priority. We make it our business to leverage our vast industry experience to design innovative solutions to your IT challenges that save you time, money and stress, and which above all allow you to get on with your work.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from Technology on Premises and our business solutions:

Flexible Service Offerings

need a month-to-month contract without an annual term? A block of hours to use when you need it? Local hands for your New York remote office? Most IT companies will lock you into complex long-term agreements; we want to work with you to custom tailor a package for your business

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

if you are ever not happy with our services, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are thoroughly satisfied

Industry-leading Customer Service

our professional, honest, and knowledgeable employees will always go above and beyond what is necessary to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Fast Response Time

we will be there when you need us. Our typical response time is less than 30 minutes.

Predictable Cost with No Surprises

fixed Monthly Fee IT Support makes budgeting easy. We will never nickel and dime you like other IT Service Providers and you will never be surprised with an unexpected bill.

Less Downtime & Increase Employee Productivity

we proactively monitor every piece of equipment on your network 24/7 so that we can identify and resolve any potential problems before they occur thus guaranteeing less computer downtime and increase employee productivity.

No More IT Worries

we will manage all your IT needs so that you can concentrate on what matters most to you and that’s managing and growing your business.

Let Next4IT do more for your business