Business Continuity

Your risk management and business continuity strategy should do two things:

keep your IT infrastructure up and running as much as possible, and

protect your corporate data.

Although these goals are simple in concept, they can be remarkably difficult to achieve in practice.

In seeking to meet those objectives, you’ll need to make a host of decisions along the way:

Do you need to protect against major natural disasters that could wipe out your entire data center or only against routine data loss due to power surges and other common mishaps?

Are you committed to tape backup technology or are you ready to invest in digital backup services?

Are you willing to use a second location for offsite backups?

Do your current data backups include enough data to let you recover your entire business in the event of a natural disaster?

How can you strike the ideal balance between recovery point objectives (RPO), recovery time objectives (RTO), and the overall cost of your risk management and business continuity technology?

Next4IT specializes in solving challenges like these. Get Business Continuity Support from Next4IT. To help you protect your data as you put a plan in place for disaster recovery, consult with Next4IT. We can help you:

Enhance your business continuity strategy by using virtualization to move workloads around as necessary

Increase the security and accessibility of your backed-up data by using digital backup technology

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